Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Misconstruing the Cause of Waste

I have an editorial out today on the topic. Here's a short excerpt:
The ramifications to waste are threefold. First, by prohibiting certain activities, government eliminates competition. For example, private companies like FedEx are legally barred from competing with the Postal Service — creating that paragon of efficiency, the USPS. Next, because it can confiscate our money to pay its bills, government has little incentive to control costs. Should it overpay for services, salaries, or pensions, government simply takes more from helpless taxpayers. Finally, because the government has usurped their prerogatives, individuals no longer decide what is worthwhile and what isn’t. Government forcibly disconnects the decision of what’s valuable from the people who actually pay for the values.
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Blogger Paul Hsieh said...

Another nice essay! I'm glad to see your writing get such a wide exposure.

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