Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Parasites' Feast

To those private workers still among us, next time you're scrimping and saving to make ends meet, or contemplating the extra hours you're working for no extra pay, be sure to take a moment to think of all the federal government bureaucrats, who not only live off our backs, but who make our lives incredibly harder with all their restrictions and regulations. You'll be happy to hear that they're "enjoying an extraordinary boom time" in USA Today's words. (Note that I carefully distinguish those honorable men who are helping the government perform its legitimate function from the bureaucrats whom I characterize as parasites. Indeed, from what I can tell, the brave men and women in the military are underpaid for their valuable services.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I often wonder, if this country does eventually experience a philosophical revolution towards reason and egoism that leads to capitalism, what part will the bureaucrats and current politicians play? Will they need to be voted out of power unwillingly; or will many of them realize their errors and help lead the charge for capitalism by reversing their positions and views. Is it essential to persuade enough of them to fight for capitalism, or can we build up enough support without them?

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