Thursday, August 18, 2005

How To Deal with Iran

I agree with the gist of this post and particularly liked these three paragraphs:
We should skip all of the dancing around and go straight to the military action. Iran pines for America's destruction. They certainly must see nukes as one way of helping bring that about--another tool to add to the spawning and supporting terrorist organizations. The only sure way to stop them from getting nuclear weapons and continuing their support for the killing of Americans is to show them that the struggle is hopeless.

Death does not deter the suicide bombers and jihadis that Iran recruits, because they see it as part of a glorious struggle against the Great Satan. And given our weak, vacillating attitude, where our biggest threat is that we may talk about things in front of the Security Council, why shouldn't they think they can win?

If, however, we went out tomorrow and declared war on Iran, and bombed their nuclear facilities and cities until they surrendered or were blasted into the Stone Age, the glorious struggle would be a lot less glory, and a lot more struggle. Iran would have difficulty supplying terrorists, for one. Enthusiasm for risky terrorist ventures and suicide missions would wane, since there is a difference between dying for a cause and dying for nothing. Also, rather than guessing that Iran may have nuclear weapons in ten years, we would have a better estimate: never.
I would also add that Iran doesn't just "pine" for our destruction, they are actively and explicitly at war with us, as first evidenced by the taking of American hostages in 1979; then by the state's fatwah against Salman Rushdie, including his American publishers; and ever since them by the continued training, arming and sponsoring of terrorists who specifically target Americans.


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