Thursday, February 23, 2006


Here are a few interesting links, most of which have already been mentioned on other blogs:

This article by Keith Windschuttle is excellent on many levels. It helps support the notion that the long run battle is intellectual and will largely be fought in the universities. It has a bunch of interesting information on fraudulent revisionist history that I think runs rampant nowadays, and it shows how the death of the West (as Onkar mentioned in his Free Speech op-ed) is by suicide more than by murder. It's a long article, but I highly recommend it. (HT Rob)

This is a slide show illustrating the type of indoctrination to which Islamic fundamentalists subject their children. Courtesy LGF, HT The Dougout (which btw has also been added to the blog roll.) Watching the slide show sure made me wonder where are all those people who are so vociferous in condemning violence in video games? Which brings me to...

This post does a good job of capturing the complacency and mis-focused attention that exists in the West -- and suggests a parallel to what it might portend. I haven't spent enough time on the main site to evaluate it (I always worry that anti-Islamic sites are really just there to push a pro-Christian agenda) but so far I like what I've read. And the idea of an "infidel bloggers alliance" is probably a good one, given that the MSM is too craven and depraved to stand up for any of our rights.

Back in September when discussing libertarianism I mentioned that:
In thinking about this, consider that Lebanon and Somalia would fit their view of a free society, but that 19th century America would not.
Bruno over at the Simplest Thing points out that my hypothetical analogy has become true-to-life: the Von Mises people are now pointing to Somalia as a success story for anarchy!

And finally, for a bit of humor, check out this post over at the Dougout.


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