Friday, March 17, 2006

Cartoons Published at Berkeley

Kudos to a paper at UC Berkeley which has published the dreaded cartoons and accompanied them with an excellent editorial! Lest you be shocked that a paper at notoriously leftist Berkeley could be so courageous and insightful, realize that the paper's ideas are an exception to the views generally held on campus, as they emphasize in their mission statement:
In an area dominated politically and intellectually by radical, outspoken, leftist organizations, it is our moral obligation to balance class liberal saturation with conservative viewpoints that will no longer be maligned and stifled. Our hope is to enable students at Berkeley to hear both sides of issues through a publication that combines opinion, humor, and feature articles in a way that will serve to expose, educate, and express our conservative thoughts and convictions.

See also the paper's blog posting.


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