Thursday, March 16, 2006


LGF has had several worthwhile stories over the past few days: Here are audios from the Imam of the NY City Dept. of Corrections. Despite calls to oust this man, mayor Bloomberg is inexplicably sticking with him. Five of the demonstrators at the London cartoon protest have been arrested for incitement to murder. It's about time, though as Charles notes, there were many more than 5 inciting violence.

Ergosum has a preliminary review of the Johns Hopkins event and Dr. Brook's Just War speech. Check back for a more detailed review. Nick over at Rule of Reason also has a recap of the Just War speech and launch of the Objective Standard.

Michelle Malkin has this incredible story wherein Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg cites the relevance of Foreign Law(!) in interpreting the American Constitution. I agree with the commenter who says that this could be grounds for impeachment [though admittedly that's an emotional reaction on my part since I don't really know the technical requirements for impeachment of Supreme Court Justices ;-) ]

Finally, I want to thank the reader who has taken the time and effort to translate my "All For One" essay into Hungarian. Of course I don't speak a word of Hungarian, so can't comment on, much less bless, the translation, but here is the link for anyone interested.


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