Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Clueless World

I thought that this Reuters piece was worth blogging for posterity:

World sees US in Iraq bigger danger than Iran: poll

Among Washington's traditional allies, Germany is the only country where more people say Iran is a bigger danger than the United States in Iraq.

Otherwise, the survey made grim comparisons for the Bush administration, including that 56 percent of Spaniards, 45 percent of Russians and 31 percent of Indonesians believe the United States in Iraq is the greater threat.
If that doesn't show how futile and ridiculous it is to look for permission from some "global consensus" before we act in our own self-defense, I don't know what would...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How true this is. Even here, among my friends in India, its hard to convince them that the US is infact not the "bad" guy or the "bully" that they view it as. It's hard and seems futile, however. It's all a result of corrupt premises and contradictions... religious and collectivist.

11:11 AM  

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