Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Party Activism

Congrats and thanks to all the OActivists who will be participating in Tea Parties tomorrow. A few examples: the Ohio Objectivist Society and Rational Jenn in Atlanta.


Anonymous JW said...

Dear Mr. Ghate,

As I understand you’re in finance...?

I'm a business student interested in finance, stocks, investing etc. Do you have any beginner's books to recommend in these fields? I have read Rand, Hazlitt, Mises et al so I understand general economics fairly well, but would like to know more about finance, stocks, investing etc. in more depth but right now I'm a beginner. I’ll check for recommendations here but I understand if you’re busy and don’t have time enough to bother with this. Thank you in advance...

Best regards,

Joachim Wingardh

9:06 AM  
Anonymous TimC said...

I was at the SF TP, and was a bit surprised to find members of the Golden Gate Objectivists (I didn't know such a group existed).

Their blog is here (I think urls result in automatically-rejected comments, so you'll need to manually reconstruct): goldengateobjectivistgroup dot blogspot dot com

11:04 AM  
Anonymous TimC said...

Also, a followup on the "Attacks On LGF Are Revealing" post is worth posting here. While I agree with the sentiment of said post, I've found Charles' childish and increasingly devoted concentration on insisting he's right and ignoring the facts to be a rather alarming development.

Specifically, and why this is relevant to the Tea Parties, is he has basically shunned the idea of the TPs because he claims that they have been taken over by the fringe elements, and has ignored coverage of the TPs to concentrate on perpetuating dealing with said fringe.

Basically, I have to now accuse Charles Johnson of evasion, as most reports from the field (except from obvious leftist fringe blogs like Daily Kos) have painted a pretty centrist, non-extremist view of the protests - and it's highly disappointing that LGF did not answer the charges as they often have when DK stepped in. If CJ simply had no interest in covering these protests, that would be fine - but he has chosen to take a stand that is not backed by evidence, and this is a stand that is blatantly hypocritical given other issues he professes to acknowledge the importance of reason in.

Disclaimer - my post in his blog comments accusing him of such (minus the evasion charge) has been deleted; I presume I've also been banned (of course, I knew this was likely).

1:39 PM  

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