Thursday, April 16, 2009

Legal Precedent?

I was encouraged by this VfR blog post announcing the first time that Ayn Rand's stance was used explicitly in a published appellate opinion. We're chipping away on all fronts...


Blogger Burgess Laughlin said...

The event Tom Bowden describes is important as a cultural precedent. I note that he is properly cautious about the decision as a whole, which would take a lot of time and thought to work through. The event itself, however, is very exciting for its explicitness and principled nature.

As a long-term student of history, I have come to see that when a culture begins changing for the better, the particular forms of the effects might not be completely what they should be. So, I enjoy the excitement of seeing an underground river emerge in springs on a mountainside -- even if some of those springs might turn out to be intermittent, too salty, or sulphurous.

There is a long road between a philosopher's statement of a philosophical principle and a particular person's application of that principle (if he understands it properly) in a particular situation at a particular time and place.

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